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Aha – I was wondering emf! :). Hughes and Hughes and Parnell Street aren’t exactly natural bedfellows…
So Chapters are moving out in anticipation of Arnotts’ redevelopment – interesting.
At least there’ll be some life in the Ivy Exchange at last – it’s been vacant for months, with To Let signs everywhere.

For those that don’t know it, it’s a new retail and residential development sited across the road from Jury’s – an ungainly, disjointed, and clunkily detailed affair terminating the vista down Moore Street:

It seems the plans got mixed up with a 1980s hotel intended for the ringroad around Coventry.

Parnell Street itself has been extensively repaved to link this development more directly with the Ilac across the road.

It’s very pedestrian-friendly, only too much so – the vast plaza-like space here simply encourages pedestrians to wander willy nilly about the roadway.

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