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Graham Hickey wrote:
But yes, as a development I too look forward to the finished Dunnes product. It’s been a long time coming when you consider George’s Street, the revamped St. Stephen’s Green Centre ‘Foodhall’, and even flippin North Earl Street! And all the while the chain’s once-flagship store was festering away in the Ilac. It’s going to be the icing on the cake for a now-thriving retail area]

I think the Henry Street store will have a significant homewares element and it’s interesting that they’ve recently put in an application for a licenced restaurant as part of the store. I suspect the other Dunnes (the one closest to H&M) will be grocery and the new building from Henry Street to Ilac Centre will be drapery, homewares and the restaurant. They’ve done something similar in Ballincollig town centre in Cork.

In addition, Some of the units at the Moore Mall end of the store (on the opposite side to the Dunnes) will also be converted into double height retail units. Gonna require the buying in of a few leases though.

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