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Yep. It’s notable actually how all of the international retailers are really the only ones with decent shop displays in Dublin. Even BT’s innovative displays (with fantastic lighting units at the minute incidentally) claim their origins from the firm’s international ownership. Arnotts make a good attempt, but their tounge-in-cheek approach never quite works in that 1960s host environment.

Could I just ramp up criticism of the Ilac facade a gear. It grossly offends me every time I pass. It’s not even a building – a cardboard cutout piece of urban infill trash. Absolute rubbish. The redundancy of the upper levels is particularly frustrating, while the choice of materials virtually across the board is cheap, tawdry and thoroughly disposable. It also makes no attempt to generate an ‘incident’ or sense of grand entrance on the streetscape. Shame on whoever threw it together.

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