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@GrahamH wrote:

Saying all that, the centre is most afflicted by poor tenants – once this is resolved, and the central area finished, it may yet garner a bit of character.

Spot on

They have made a lot of progress by replacing Easons with H & M and extending Dunnes into the centre directly from Henry St. I do however agree that a lot of the fashion retailers in side are pure c**p and this really doesn’t help.

It is however encouraging that they are trying to take the asset forward in its current format and the centre is much better for the removal of that dreadful elevated cafe.

I’m sure that they are plotting and scheming further changes on an ongoing basis but fear that the retail mix will only move dramatically forward once the Carlton site is integrated into scheme.

Would you advise anyone to grant 20 year leases on the Moore Mall at passing rental levels with the Carlton scheme only a few years away?

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