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I’d have to agree. Was in there a few hours ago thinking exactly the same (as with every time I pass through). A remarkably soulless centre that’s still the biggest waste of urban space it ever was. The ongoing mall project has been little more than a re-clad job of mammoth proportions – although there are some attractive plaster suspensions in parts. The dingy units are still the same size with low ceilings, and the Parnell Mall as pokey as ever. As mentioned before, the choice of non-slip granite flooring across the centre is particularly horriffic. It looks so cheap, and like it’s been painted on from a pattern in a Georgianise Your Home book from 1984. Such a disappointing choice.

Saying all that, the centre is most afflicted by poor tenants – once this is resolved, and the central area finished, it may yet garner a bit of character.

It really does look like they’re drilling for oil though – trying to fund the rest of the refurb perhaps…

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