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Sorry, but what a load of concessionary nonsense. We are to be thankful that ILAC Round II in the form of a four-storey concrete wall wasn’t loaded on us? Or this development is acceptable because a typical ‘mass market’ motorway shed wasn’t built here? We should be eternally grateful to Dunnes for not scarring the city even more for their mass marketing ends?

The entire point is that we have planners in this city to control development; to enforce standards for the sake of the greater good. And you’re suggesting we be thankful for them not allowing something even worse?!

This case runs a lot deeper than meets the eye, and judging An Bord Pleanála resoundingly enforced every last word that has been expressed on this site in opposition to the Henry Street facade intrusion, DCC have a lot to answer for. They are consistently flouting their Development Plan in areas pertaining to sensitive development – this behemoth smashing through the streetscape is the most telling monument to that end.

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