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I thought someone here might have the knowledge to solve something I’ve been wondering about…

I work in the AIB International Centre (across the road from Busaras). I’ve noticed that security guards who patrol the IFSC area often tell kids hanging out in the open area at the back of my building (the area bounded by AIb, La Touche, the IFSC Building and Stack A) to clear off.

That specific tract of land is owned by a Hardwicke vehicle called CHDDA which was initially a joint venture between Hardwicke and British Land Plc who exited at some time during the 1990’s. The security guards have rights on this section as it is privately owned and the maintenance is paid for by the tenants of the 3 original blocks.

Private security gaurds patrolling a public street in the banking quarter; you just have to wonder would this happen in any other European capital?

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