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@Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

Slan Bertie.


Anyway, while I’m flattered by your comments, gunter, I think I’m going to disagree a bit too- though not with your contention that there is no consistency in how Dublin’s existing building stock is valued, assessed and protected. I do agree that the church hall isn’t a piece of architecture of the first rank, but I still think it deserves better treatment than this. DCC has objectives for the protection of non-PSs, so even if we think this building shouldn’t merit PS designation (you might well be right), I still think it would merit at least the protection afforded to lesser buildings of minor heritage value.

And Yes, there’s little else in the vicinity that would have much value – either heritage or streetscape – but to me that makes the case for sensitivity in this regard all the more pressing. I walk/cycle this street 4 or more times a day, and I do like the contribution the buildings make to the street- the small setback, the railings, the visual variety, the sense of history. And the message it sends out about the type of works considered appropriate for PSs could take seed in proposals for buildings of less dubious merit which, in the absence of real conservation knowledge in local authorities (or in the absence of planners willing to take conservation officers’ opinions at face value- hello DCC), could rapidly become the acceptable ‘middle way’ when it comes to regeneration.

At the risk of planting ideas in the heads of the conservation illiterate, it does seem to me that this is the worst possible solution of those available- both the church hall and the new build suffer. Without the church ‘in the way’ a new building would have a better chance of integrating into the street. Or am I being too charitable in thinking that this building would be better if it didn’t have to accommodate the hall? Perhaps, but I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt for now- though, to be better, it would have to look quite unlike what’s currently proposed, not just the samesans hall.

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