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@ctesiphon wrote:

Which would presumably explain the desire to airbrush it from the street.

I work in the area and, though I can’t confirm the use, I’m almost sure there’s activity there most days.

Is there anyone in DCC with an underatanding of basic conservation principles? Or rather, anyone whose voice is not ignored? The Clarence business tells me that though the knowledge might be there, it can be ignored at will with little come back.

As Devin said in the OP, “It’ll be a hell of a precedent if it gets through …”

for the record the methadone clinic is in Marlborough Place around the corner -that is open in the morning/late evening, the junkies go over to the sally army building by the entrance to the Irish life mall car park for some kind of facility/drop in type thingy at 2PM-can get busy around there at that time

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