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I too was most impressed by the new galleries – though one point about circulation is that you don’t know whether to avail of the link from the existing right-hand ante-room of one of the old gallery rooms to the extension, or continue on in the traditional fashion to the far end of the old galleries and up through Bacon etc. Though in any event, there is still only one entrance to the extension so it’s easy enough.

There’s a fantastic string installation at the moment that I’d imagine some Archiseek engineers would like to have a gawp at 🙂 – very accurately executed if you look closely. The current-day artists’ work outside this room is equally stunning.
The stairwell is pretty simple: fresh, crisp, white. Just pleasant, nothing to write home about.

The older galleries have also had a nice lick of paint, with the entrance hall being especially nice. But massively scarred by the most astonishingly bad conservation practice – giant garish white PVC security windows with big moulded plastic handles adorn the inside of the sashes of the main hall! What the heck were they thinking? 😮

The views of the Square from the extension were rather disappointing – I expected to be a bit higher up.
You’re also right up aginst the Ballroom wall, so that blocks out a chunk of the city too.

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