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@GrahamH wrote:

A is Watkins Brewery on Ardee Street/’St. Luke’s Avenue’.


“The Guinness Brewery was the once extensive Watkins, Jameson, Pim & Company Brewery on Ardee Street. The entire complex, including the 19th c Brewers’ house and stone warehouse which are protected structures, stand awaiting the planning decision of the City Council regarding their future.” Hmm..

@GrahamH wrote:

D is a Temple Bar street. Has to be!

Sure is, Graham. It’s beside Tambuli on Cope Street. A lovely capture by infomatique:

@GrahamH wrote:

C looks like South Richmond Street, but it’s not. Tsk. Nearly sure

It’s on the North Side. There’s another yellow brick to the left and a red brick to the right.

@Paul Clerkin wrote:

b- church street?

Not Church Street, Paul. Here’s a crop of the church in the reflection:

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