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@ctesiphon wrote:

D is the Dental Hospital in TCD.

A looks like Mountjoy Women’s Prison, but that’s a guess.

Is C also in Trinity? Looks very familiar.

B- don’t know. Docklands? Nice bit of yellow brick. Or is it red? And what type of pointing is it? Hmmm… 😉

They were answered quickly. And ctesiphon is on the ball again. D and C are sound, both in Trinity alright: dentist Hospital and … -your going to have to be more specific with C to get full marks I’m afraid.

B and D are unfortunately a double no, although on the right track.

By the by here is the full uncropped first image i posted for which I’m still looking for information on.

Had a quick google for Peter Murray as to DOC’s reply, seems like there are two architecture Murrays one who is the curator at the Crawford and another who is the founder of Blueprint magazine. Is this my man? Anyone know any more details about the building, or who could point me the right direction?

Another another puzzler just to keep this thread on target, where is this delightful sculpture to be found:

Bears an uncanny resemblance to starving cows in the Sahara i find.

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