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@ctesiphon wrote:

Re: Marrowbone Lane . . . . I’m starting to believe we might be onto something.

ctesiphon, I was only half joking about the prevailing winds! I really don’t see the reverse image working. It would be a freakish day in Dublin that you’d get a kite to fly towards the south-west, would it not?

@ctesiphon wrote:

gunter- have you given up on the Benburb Hypothesis? If not, how would you explain the advanced kerb line?

The advanced kerb line is hard to explain, particularly since there’s no sign of basements, unless other houses in the terrace, out of view, had basement and front ‘areas’, or unless it was a very wide street or square, which I imagine is how Newmarket came to be suggested in the first place.

Because of the roof pitch and particularly the non-matching chimney, I think we have to give up on that the Benburb St./Hendrick Lane location, (even though there’s even a tiny old rooflight corresponding to the little dormer in the roof valley).

Anyway the shampoo shine on the kid’d hair suggests the southside rather than the northside 😉

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