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Still can’t get any site on Marrowbone Lane to work, I think there are buildings on that Robert Street corner that don’t match!

I thought I had it earlier with this site on present day Benburb Street, with the H. Mathew’s Pub being the structure in the distance, and the laneway being Hendrick Lane.

It’s a south facing terrace and Benburb St. (Barrack St./Tighe St.) was a comparatively wide street for the traffic it supported and the location of the returns on the probable ‘Billys’ equate with the door locations perfectly. Surviving houses are all three storey, remodelled or rebuilt Billys, and the two storey vernacular is just around the corner from a little cluster of similar houses at Hendrick Place, but the pitch on the pub roof is a couple of degrees too low and the chimney stacks don’t match.

I even had it figured that it must be Sunday morning and the pedestrian rush up the lane was to church service at the local Methodist Church on Blackhall Place.

Have to start again!

@StephenC wrote:

Nerd alert!


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