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@el swanko wrote:

The slide is backwards and its Marrowbone Lane.

I like the idea of Marrowbone Lane, but I can’t get a group to match exactly on the map. Also I’m not convinced that the slide is backwards . . . . if you factor in kite flying and prevailing winds and all of that!

@ctesiphon wrote:

Time to get your Roques out for the lads, gunter? 😉

We might use this great recent 1847 O.S. reprint this time . . . *without the knowledge or consent of the Royal Irish Academy*

@tommyt wrote:

Is it Church st. and general environs ?? the big gable end on the right makes me thinkof Bow st.

Checking them out, but generally pretty narrow streets around there, not much scope for wide paths of set-backs!

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