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@gunter wrote:

More interested in the short skirts, I’m afraid.

Excellent news – then perhaps you have Margaret Court or Evonne Goolagong (as she then was) in skirts, stretching for rhe ball, against a Georgian backdrop? 😀 (I’ve been told they also visited, as it was usually the week after Wimbledon)

The full sketch with B of I in the distance and canal in foreground.

But how can this be, Gunter? What’s happened to the stretch of Georgian houses along Lower Baggot Street -i.e. IBEC (ca. no. 90) to Fitzwilliam Street. If it was Wilton Place you probably wouldn’t have been able to see the B of I buliding above the Baggot Street rooftops, and surely not to the extent which is depicted?:confused:

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