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@ctesiphon wrote:

The bollards are certainly Grand Canal style. Which one is the Goulding building, Seamus- the IDA building or the tall one that houses William Fry, etc.? IDA would get my vote for this sketch, based on the traffic islands.

The “Goulding” building is the big one which houses William Fry and others, including (I think) the Australian Embassy. As far as I remember, it was originally the HQ of Goulding Fertilisers.

I may be mistaken, but I’ve a feeling that the other one you’re talking about, ctesiphon, – the IDA/An Foras Forbatha (sp?), WMK, etc, building – was built on the former grounds of Fitzwilliam Tennis Club.

Perhaps Gunter has a picture in his extensive collection of Rod Laver serving for the match against a backdrop of Georgian Dublin – as apparently he did in the Irish Open on a number of occasions – to help us get our bearings right.:D

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