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@Seamus O’G wrote:

a pure guess at Y. Holles Street.

Y has a slight slope, but it’s not Holles Street. It would be a bit older than that too.

@hutton wrote:

Re: Lower Mount Street

Indeed it was Seamus – the wreckers got hold of it in the 70’s and 80’s, and destroyed what was one of the finest Georgian Streets in the city – its all well documented in Frank McD’s “Destruction of Dublin” 🙁

I don’t think Lower Mount Street ever had the unity of Upper Mount street, but that doesn’t excuse the wanton destruction of so many of it’s original houses. For years, the street became a bye-line for dreary ‘modern’ office block architecture, didn’t somebody likened the streetscape of Lower Mount Street to ‘the view from the inside of a coffin’ ?

The neo-Georgian blocks were probably a reaction against the commercial, as much as the artistic, failure of the earlier ‘modern’ blocks, but they, in turn, brought their own shallowness to the streetscape. In any radio discussion on the state of Dublin, Lower Mount Street would always be mentioned and everyone knew exactly what was meant.

A couple of shots of the street today, including the neo-Georgian block that replaced the three houses in the sketch.

. . . and the next section further east, where an extensive renovation and conservation project on a group of houses that, I think had been a convent, has just been completed.

Some signs here that the street is on the way back up, or is it just the trees?

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