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If I just admire the pictures, can I get the sauce without the sweets? Nice photos!

Anyway, Paul got E and G (we presume), whilst I know F. I should say, I think F is no longer in situ, though it was there a year ago. I’ll leave it for others to have a go, as you could say I have an unfair advantage regarding that particular location.

As for mine (which is being called D, I presume), it most certainly is within the canals, and it most certainly is visible from the public highway, though it’s a quiet street. And Yes, it might have been photographed on the same wander as the possible Billy on Cork Street as posted elsewhere recently. Maybe I’ll put up another map showing the cycle route again?

As for a prize? I’ve been told I give good bike tours, so a chaperoned excursion to the lucky winner, perhaps? (Bicycle to be provided.) Failing that, a plate of coddle, a pint of porter and a wearying disquisition on Dublin in the rare ould times*- take your pick!

*This, for me, extends back to Grafton Street with cars on it and Wood Quay when it were all just fields (of mud and archaeology).

Edit: phil- I think you might be onto something. (And hello stranger!)

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