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@hutton wrote:

High Street, from the Cornmarket end – Tailors’ Hall, it’s got to be and would be the one survivor… 😉

@GP wrote:

Should we be concentrating on the gables on the right in the first picture? Has a feel of Tailors Hall, second pic is too flat to be Cornmarket.

‘Tis High Street from Cornmarket with Taylors’ Hall peeping up as the sole survivor.

Sorry I had to step out for a spell, I didn’t realize this was still going on!

A bar of virtual chocolate for Hutton, and I’m afraid, a ‘what could have been’ for GP

Does anyone know if there’s a High Street / Cornmarket thread? When I type that into the search box, it jumps around a bit comes back to the page I was on.
I have more picktures

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