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In Ireland we rely on self certification by Design Professionals and Builders (when requested) on completion to give an “Opinion” on compliance with the Building Regulations.
A Fire Safety application and approval procedure is uniquely required prior to commencement, but only to approve the design.
In some other countries approval of the design, to validate compliance with all Building Regulations, is given before construction is allowed to commence. Furthermore, local authority inspections take place during the build period to monitor variances between the lodged documents and what is actually built, and to keep an eye on the build process.
The problem with this method is that it is costly to set up and operate, and is open to corruption.
The problem with the Irish method is that too many things, outside Part B, slip through unchecked.
Finally, 16,18 or 20 steps without a landing is a subjective view of what is safe but has the backing of Codes.

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