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@Michael J. O’Brien wrote:

Just seen this.

I have visited Carton Demense this summer and I think to date the fact that the estate will be open to the public again is a major positive development and it looks like the developers have sepnd a lot of money on the firt phase of the house renovations.

This new hotel development worries me hugely, because one of the archectural wonders of Carton House is the symmetry, which will now be broken.

Obviously this development with the Irish open etc is going to further develop and I wonder where the first extension to the hotel will go.
I am amazed that planners allowed them to build a 21st century builting beside an 17th/18th gem.

I am all for development and I would have had no problem with a hotel somewhere within the 1000 acre demense. I strongly feel the house the Shell Cottage should have remained as a centre pieces of the estate without any alternations to its archectiture.

Carton Estate

Have you never seen the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge?

It is the architecturally the best Hotel in Europe

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