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i myself would love to see a small number of big highrises being built in ireland… say 30/40 storeys. i would like to see these sprout up over the coming years. i am not for highrises in sensitive areas though. i truly believe in proper context and location. darkman mentions a highrise near the airport. if that is the truth, it seems ok in my view due to ballymun and the new airport plans. i see a highrise shown in the airport plans too. i have to say i am not happy with people using multi ids. how will one know when to believe the new people??? 😡

I would love to see a few high rises.. i think the problem here is that most of the high rise we have had has been such crap. I am not for height for heights sake but I am for quality architecture whether that is 1 storey or 40. Surely a bigger building offers architects a bigger canvas to work on..maybe not thats for discussion

Ireland and Dublin in particular punches well above its weight, Ireland is a wealthy country and Dublin a wealthy city surely we should be reflecting this in our architecture the Georgians could do it so why cant we?

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