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As Devin said, this has been covered extensively elsewhere. But to rehearse briefly the arguments put forward in previous threads:
Tall buildings would not “give a major boost to boosting the dublin population, decreasing property rents and taking up the least amount of space”, for the reason that there is an optimal height above which gains in height must be offset by increases in open space, amenity land, parking etc. In other words, we would be left with a landscape of towers dotted around among the fields, akin to Corbusier’s Plan Voisin.
I read an interesting quote not so long ago that I can’t lay my hands on now along the lines that tall buildings don’t provide more accommodation, only different accommodation.
Further, tall buildings aren’t the only way of creating a modern looking capital. Quality contemorary architecture is the way to go, if such a capital is desired, though whether a sleek modern image is appropriate for Dublin is another point entirely (again addressed on one of the previous threads). Tall buildings only give that image from a distance, such as from, say, an airplane or the Dublin mountains.

That’s why everybody can’t accept these points; because they are not facts but opinions. I agree that the low-rise suburban model is not the future, but neither is height for height’s sake. In fact, the low-rise model has been declining in Dublin for a while now, the preference being for densification up to a certain level. That is the debate we should be having about the future of our capital city, in which tall buildings might conceivably play a role as landmarks. But they are categorically not the answer to the problem of urban sprawl.

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