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T.G. Scott

well as a paddy living abroad i am delighted to see this building get the nod….. as for the site and context, i think it is outstanding.
a cluster of towers in the docklands is eventually inevitable but i hope dublin avoids canary wharfitis!!! if the tara st redevelopment gets the go ahead and liberty hall is replaced with a better building then dublin has a chance at achieving a balanced and unique tall building approach and appearance.
a stand alone tower like the hueston project is great and i would have loved to have seen more of the denis o brien proposal on morehampton rd. i am all for a very new approach to the layout and fabric of the city. another great place for a standalone landmark tower would be on the north circular road, near the phoenix park end. there is an office block there from the 70’s /80’s that could be torn down and replaced given the cash!!!
the heuston tower gives definition and weight to this end of dublin and more power to inchicore and beyond. maybe this will help the opw proposal and if all goes well this end of dublin will become, as i believe someone already mentioned, the western garteway to the capital.
a city with tall, hopefully attractive and innovative towers spread around in suitable areas would be a great achievement and we might have a stab at a great international standing regarding urban management. a pipe dream more than a tangible or probable reality but ye gotta dream!!!
dublin until relatively recently has suffered from under investment and a lack of intelligent and coherent urban planning and more importantly execution of said plans. one can only mourn the failure of the widestreets commision to implement abercrombies ideas such as the phoenix mall for instance (reaching from the park to o’conell st) and his plans for a central square in and around what is now the corpo hq with 10 -12 avenues/ boulevards ending there much like the area of the arc de triomphe in paris!!!
coulda woulda shoulda…..

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