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I think a poll on this building is needed. It is a landmark development for the capital in more than just the usual ‘status’ stakes.

If this building sets a precedent for scattered development in the city, we can say goodbye to Dublin as we know it. However if it remains as a single ‘iconic’ entrance point to the city from the west, and is protected as such in successive development plans and by the CC, it could have a role to play in both marking the beginning of the city coming from the west, as well as defining the extent of the existing low-rise city by denoting its western boundary from the east.

But of course key is the impact on the setting of the Royal Hospital, Dr Steven’s Hospital and Heuston. I don’t know the area well enough to comment, indeed even if one does it’s still difficult to make out where it’s going to rise out of the landscape and the impact, if any, it will have.
Personally I would object hugely to the concept of a 15 or 20 storey building here – how horrendous would a squat deleopment like that be in the context of the low-rise nature of the area.
But a 30+ storey building completely detaches itself from the surrounding space in a way that may allow it to sit quite well within that historic setting – provided it complements rather than intimidates the existing context.

As for the design, think it’s just pretty mundane all in all – not bad, not fantastic, just pretty average, bit boring even. Difficult to make out the finish in the renderings.

Maybe this juxtaposing of new and old is just a passing fad, and we’ll all be utterly incredulous in 20 years time of the ignorance of this generation, or perhaps it’s here to stay…

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