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@ac1976 wrote:

to create a new entrance to the Museum along the new IMMA avenue

The new IMMA avenue?

You need to wake up and smell the tarmac.

They re-surfaced Military Road, this is ”the new IMMA avenue” and duplicating the gate pier and sticking shiny steel drums on top is ”the new entrance”.

The promised Science Centre has nothing to do with IMMA, it was going to be on the other side of the street and it pretty much died when the 32 storey tower died. Anyway it was the same movable feast that’s been promised to every regeneration area for years. There are still people in Smithfield who think it’s going there!

As a building, it’s no loss IMO, it would have been standard feeble fare from the OPW, a grey concrete tribute to the Gateshead multi-storey car park, the exact opposite of what a Science Centre should be.

a scan of a picture from one of the papers

I love proper Science Centres, they can be brilliant. I spent four hours in this one in Bremen a while back.

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