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@magwea wrote:

I think i can remember that not to long ago there was a massive travellers camp just outside the main entrance along the road to Houston station. Maybe, the bollards are there in case they should show up again. At least they lived the place up, the museum is completely desolate whenever i go.

A massive travellers camp is hardly desolation. Are you sure that wasn’t an exhibit? any photos of that?
Funny enough there are plans to improve IMMA:
-To connect the musuem with Heuston (IMMA Avenue)
-To open an additional Science Museum (65,000 visitors per year, 60,000 sq ft) from 2011
-To add additional (3000 sq ft+) exhibition space in a new building from 2011
-To create a new entrance to the Museum along the new IMMA avenue
-To open a Dart station at Heuston
That is all part of the Heuston Gate (Eircom / OPW) development.

I’m guessing the current main entrance will end up as the carpark entrance

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