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@GregF wrote:

is yer wan Paris Hilton wearing the stillettoes and running along with the dalmation in that rendered image.

As suspected, the above mentioned Spirit of the Place appears to be this lady-who-lunches’ perfume – which, if producing such exhilarating results, I’d be most earnest to get my hands on.

At least gunter wasn’t too stressed over the closure of IMMA (why the Royal Hospital also had to remain closed is beyond me) – by contrast I walked the whole way out from St. Stephen’s Green two weekends ago only to find the place similarly barricaded, without so much as a sinner around. One had no choice therefore, but to photograph various misgivings about the grounds. In avoidance of drawing attention to such trivial matters as decaying paintwork and joinery, it is suggested that for this reason alone the museum be kept open.

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