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I nearly missed this one. There are so many thousand word essay site notices up on this hoarding you don’t notice them any more.

I don’t know what the rest of you think, but this to me is a new low.

Over the last five years each block in the Heuston South Quarter (HSQ) has gone back in for revised planning with the result that the scheme, as reluctantly granted planning permission by Bord Pleanala, must now have nearly doubled in floor area.

They’re calling this ‘Modifications to blocks 5B & 6’, when it’s patently a completely different, gargantuan 13 storey, scheme on the site of previously permitted blocks 5B & 6. Personally, I detested blocks 5A & 5B for their insipid relationship with the formal gardens at the RHK, but dumping a shapeless brown turd on the site is completely unacceptable.

I think the facade panels are supposed to be bronze, but it looks like a two tone mess. In any case we already have a bronze clad mega-block, it’s called ‘Park House’ on the North Circular Road, and it was built, what, 30 years ago?

Sorry about the spiral bind down the middle of the render, but that’s the way it’s presented. For orientation, the view is looking north with the tracks at Heuston station at the top of the picture, the Dubai block on the right and the formal gardens at the Royal Hospital on the left.

The turd would dominate this view from the RHK, where it would be in front of the Dubai block, to the left of the Deputy Governor’s house.

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