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I’ll have to stop refering to this as ‘the big ugly brown building’, now that the applicants have apparently dropped the ‘Bronze’ cladding in favour of old-fashioned, high class, ‘anodised aluminium’. The planner’s report does raise one eyebrow at this little switch, noting dryly that the original sales pitch claimed that the bronze cladding (or possibly, patinated brass) ‘offers a richness and depth not seen in materials such as anodised aluminium’ !

Anyway, being the Planning Office, they’ve given it thorough going over and duly taken one floor of the eastern half of the block, reducing it to a modest 10 storeys, before handing it a clean planning permission, together with an invoice for their slice of the action, which is a recession busting 4,082,937 Euro and 59 cent, in ‘financial contributions’ and ‘special financial contributions’!

Any concerns that we might have had about the discordant relationship of this metal clad mega-block to the Royal Hospital’s 17th century setting and the set-piece of the formal gardens, appear to have been groundless.

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