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CM00: the other half of the ‘deadly duo’ has already scotched the rumour that he is Batman and I am Robin (or vice-versa). We can agree to disagree about the content of much ‘modern’ (i.e. contemporary) art; my point was that these large spaces were hardly adequately served by what was indeed ‘swilling’ around them (see your own comments about the spaces in the RHK). On the wider point on a ‘Museum of Dublin’ in the RHK, you may well be right in terms of its suitability and location, but you carried an argument which was not mine ad absurdam. There are many cities which have museums illustrating the history of the place from a variety of perspectives and I believe a city like Dublin needs such a museum; my problem with Sth W St was always that the venue was far too small and the collection too eccentric and not comprehensive or systematic enough.

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