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@CM00 wrote:

Johnglas + gunter

First of all, there is no ‘johnglas + gunter’, I want to scotch that rumour before it gets off the ground.

Secondly, not all ‘Modern Art’ is junk, but when you take one of mankind’s higher aspirations, a tradition of skill and endeavour that has continuously lifted the spirits since the first bison was painted on the first cave wall, and you turn your back on that tradition and give people instead an un-made bed, or a stack of mouldy sliced bread in a shop window, (Temple Bar 1990?) you are going to annoy people.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the view that Damien Hirst should be sat in front of a bowl of fruit with a sketch pad and a 2B pencil, before he’s allowed to flog another pickled shark in a tank of formaldehyde, but I can see the csae for some regulation of the term ‘Artist’, under the Trades Descriptions Act.

On IMMA, I do quite like this piece . . .

but only because it looks like chocolate!

. .

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