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Ok, first of all Johnglas + gunter, we can agree that the OPW’s “interpretation” of what the IMMA represents is to say the least -crude and ugly-. I also agree that the quality of detailing in the Crawford is in the whole poor and in some cases terrible. It seems that Erik von Egeraat comes from the school of “Concept” in Holland; a country where the “ideas” industry is becoming increasingly separate from the “implementation” industry. (i.e. architects with big ideas but no detailing abilities/duties)..

With regard to the quality of Art in the IMMA, I have to say that I disagree with your sentiments. Over the last year I have been there numerous times and on each occasion I have taken something from the Installations and touring presentations which frequent the institution. The turn-over of artists and displays is refreshingly frequent and there is a pleasant air of respectful interest about the place.

In addition, Johnglas, your statement that the art exhibitions were complete “junk” is just that, your opinion, and I would say that interpretation of modern pieces is almost totally subjective. The Glucksmann’s programme is very consciously avant garde and as such is bound to be somewhat hit and miss, whilst the permanent works on the ground floor of the Crawford are generally classics of post 1900 Irish Art. It certainly is not rubbish “swilling around inside”.

The idea of the RHK becoming a “museum of Dublin” is, quite frankly a load of tripe. In my opinion, the site is barely geographically appropriate for it’s slightly off the mainstream Irish museum of modern art status. Why would it suit a museum “for the people of Dublin” more? It is not really suited to the role of an art gallery but it is even less well suited to that of a “folk” or “real life” or even “real people and places” – what does that even mean? Photographs of real people and places? i.e. modern interpretations of real people. i.e. MODERN ART. which it is clearly – by your standards – wasted. Or perhaps you mean it should have high quality reproductions of streetscapes and historical scenes – either way, the low ceilinged, narrow corridor-ed RH Kilmainham is wasted?! as a public amenity which consistantly draws a significant amount of tourists and locals.

Oh, and the restaurant in the Crawford is famous for it’s food, it has links to the “Darina Allen” family of cookery… the food is thar barr.

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