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It’s perhaps a sign of the times that when the ‘masters of the universe’ in the banks are proven to be shysters (if not actually crooks), these new entrance gates at RHK signify, as gunter says, the lack of any real artistic content within. I recently visited the Glucksman and the Crawford galleries in Cork; the Glucksman was wonderful (if a bit too ‘industrial’ in feel internally), but the ‘art’ exhibits were absolute junk, apart from one about books, while the Crawford had great expansive new spaces (eccentric on the outside, again a bit industrial and poorly-finished on the inside) with absolute rubbish swilling around inside. Both were empty more or less apart from the cafe in the Crawford. Maybe our more realistic view of the limits of capitalism will be mirrored in our new view of the ‘arts’. Architectural spaces are great, but if you can’t fill them with anything interesting, what’s the point? The RHK should become the ‘Museum of Dublin’, showing real stuff about real people and places. It’s too good a building to waste on anything else.

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