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@gunter wrote:

Despite the fact that the RHK grounds are nearly twice the size of Stephen’s Green, there are only two entrances (marked with green Xs), located at the east and west extremities of the site. The whole northern boundary consists of a planted screen to St.John’s Road as a buffer to the dual carriageway here and the Heuston railway yards beyond. Beyond that, a bit to the west, and behind another embankment and boundary wall is the Clancy Quay development.

There is potential for connectivity, but it will require open minds and a full IAP, or LAP, focused on the Royal Hospital grounds to demonstrate where the connections can be made. At the very least, I’d be in favour of punching several holes in the RHK boundary walls to get it into some kind of public use.


stop. just stop. It’s bad enough that such a wonderful oasis in the city is overlooked by the Heuston development – now you want to saturate the place with humanity. There’s 2 entrances to RHK. If people want to use the gardens, they use those entrances. End of story. stop trying to turn the place into St Stephen’s Green. So what if it’s convoluted, so wht if it’s not “convenient”. f**k convenience and f**k this contamination. next thing, you’ll be wanting to turn the Royal Oak into a wine bar.

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