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and another thing,

How did this application get past that woman in the basement who keeps sending back my planning applications because the ad didn’t say ‘Velux window on the roof’,’ or some such?

They’ve described this development as: ‘Modifications to Blocks 5B & 6’!

Have they changed the meaning of the word ‘modify’?

My Little Oxford Dictionary defines ‘modify’ as ‘tone down, qualify; make less sever; make partial changes in.’ !

Then they’ve had the audacity to describe the new block as: ‘a mixed use building’!

The block consists of 26,000m.sq. of office floor space and less than 1,000m.sq. of ground floor retail and cafe use. That’s 96.3% office and 3.7% something else! That like calling Leinster House a mixed use building, because it’s 97% talking shop and 3% security hut.

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