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@hutton wrote:

I wonder have IMMA pushed for enhanced linkage – it is most certainly in their interest?!

IMMA always seemed to me to be unnaturally relaxed about the huge numbers of visitors that trudge past them en-route to Kilmainham Gaol, without ever darkening their door.

This could have something to do with the fact that museums seem to have their own rules for calculating visitor numbers that don’t seem to be dependant on counting actual visitors. I know that when Declan McGonigal was director of IMMA, they were using an automatic counter on the entrance door, so irrespective of whether the ‘visitor’ was coming in to look at the ‘art’, or buy a coffee, or fix a light bulb, they were counted in the annual attendance! I wouldn’t even be surprised if they counted the door swing that got you out again, but I couldn’t absolutely swear to it.

Back in McGonigal’s time, you had to go through the IMMA main door just to get to the cafe, which in my experience, 90% of the visitors to the RHK did, never going anywhere near the ‘art’. I often had to wait outside for five or ten minutes, waiting for someone to swing the door, just to avoid giving him the satisfaction of counting me in his annual attendance.

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