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Devin: You’re not meeting me half way on this Heuston thing at all are you?

First off, it may be late in the day to be trying to influence the final shape and form of this development, but nobody else appears to be bothered and the developers see this and keep coming back in with bulked-up re-designs of each block in turn. If someone doesn’t make a stand, they’re going to run amok on this site. As you know Devin, if someone doesn’t shine a light on the planners, they’re liable to wave all of this stuff through, to use your phrase.

The last blocks that remain unbuilt (apart from the hotel recently permitted, at twice the scale of the previously permitted office block, at block 2), are blocks 1 and blocks 6A & 6B. These are the buildings with frontage to the RHK gardens. It’s just a wild guess, but if they get what they want with the massive bulk up of block 6B, I can’t see them not trying their luck with 6A, (and block 1 for that matter).

In their application for the re-design of block 2 (to be a 14 storey, 22,013m.sq hotel in place of the 7 storey, 10,731m.sq. office block) the developers specifically stated that other location within the scheme had been considered and rejected because ‘ . . a building of this size on these sites was judged to have an impact on the new public square and on the view from the Royal Hospital where buildings 6A and 6B form ‘pavilion like’ edges to the gardens’!

Now that they’ve obtained permission for the bulk-up of block 2, their ethical concerns for maintaining the ‘pavilion like’ edges to the gardens, seems to have vanished into the mist!

And people will tell you that developers (and their architects) are a cynical and unprincipled bunch!

On the vista to the Infirmary, I’m sorry, it just leaves me cold. IMO these kind of guidlines come about when consultants are appointed who have no real feel for the subject site and they start scratching around for things to pad out their reports with, to justify the fees. O.k, this might be a bitter and twisted comment, but it’s not wrong.

On the vista to the Wellington monument, I wasn’t proposing to buy out all the 1990s apartments on Conyngham Road and demolish the blocks to reinstate the sylvan view across to the Phoenix Park, although obviously I would have the resources to do that any time I liked, you understand. The vista to the Magazine fort is another one of those that challenges gunter’s eyesight to the limit. Maybe other people can see this one, but personally I won’t be missing it and if it’s still there, it’s only because the Clancy development hasn’t progressed northwards up the site yet.

My central point is that HSQ, Clancy Barracks and the rest of Kilmainham are being developed in an inward looking fashion and in cocooned isolation from each other. This is wrong! It’s wrong that St. John’s Road West is a dual carriageway instead of a street, when it’s located inside the city centre as defined by the Circular Roads. It’s wrong that the Royal Hospital grounds are today an unplanned, carved up, carcass of a space that is a barrier to the coherent development of the area as much as it is a recreational asset to dog walkers and concert promoters. Maybe we can fix all of this in fifty or sixty years time, but why can’t we fix it now?

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