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Hmmm, bit late maybe given the development that’s underway?

@gunter wrote:

The tiny cupola on the Royal Infirmary may be a delightful little feature, but I think it’s time to question whether it constitutes strong enough a focal point to dictate the building line half a mile away, when there are much more immediate and, in my view, important relationships to be considered.

Well the view is supposed be of the building, not just its cupola. While the façade is mostly hidden by trees at the moment, that could change. The OPW are quite into restoring vistas at the moment. The axial vista along the NCR to the Wellington Monument has just been restored by significant pruning of the trees lining it. Looks great too. And as you may well know major 18th century vistas are being restored at the moment out in Castletown.

@gunter wrote:

The vista to the Wellington monument is direct and safe, though I have a suggestion in this direction that I need to do a bit more work on and I’ll post it up in due course.

Could your idea be something to do with those ghastly ‘90s apartments (must qualify for some of the worst buildings in Dublin for their ugliness and location) sitting at the bottom of the Wellie Monument in that view? Will await with interest!

@gunter wrote:

The vista to the Magazine Fort is about to vanish behind the Clany Barracks development.

Last time I was at the Royal Hosp. the height line of Clancy Barracks’ new development was just below the Magazine Fort, and a bit to the right of it.

@gunter wrote:

I think the developers are taking the easy option here, they’re running with the Infirmary vista because it doesn’t cost them too much in site area, while at the same time, they’ve quietly dropped the original low key frontage at blocks 6A & 6B because they know that any slight design contribution that these blocks may have made, in presenting a modestly scaled frontage to the gardens, has been rendered meaningless by the growing scale of the amended development behind.

The northern of these two blocks seems to be still happening – visible in the model of that ridiculous sprawling drunken 13-storey building you featured above.

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