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@gunter wrote:

The ‘Heuston Framework Plan’, which paved the way for this development, set out some guidelines which seemed reasonable at the time, but now look quite foolish. One specific guideline was that the development of the Eircom site (as it then was) should not encroach on a minor vista from the corner of the Royal Hospital building to the tiny cupola on the Royal Infirmary in the Phoenix Park, more than half a mile away

That view is quite important. And it must be seen in context with other historic views. When Heuston Gate was being planned, it was deemed that the views or ‘cone of vision’ from the terrace in front of the Royal Hospital to the Royal Infirmary, the Wellington Monument and the Magazine Fort would be maintained. I can’t agree that development should have lined the edge of the gardens. I’m wary when I see the term “strong urban edge”. I’ve seen it used too many times in planning consultants’ reports to justify overdevelopment.

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