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Johnglas, I know the ‘mullions’ are arbitrary, but that’s the problem with hotels, all the pigeon holes are the same size, so you end up with either boring repetition, or you go down the ‘pattern’ route like our chequerboard Portuguese friend in the docks. I think the Kilmainham Hilton, apart from the corner / mesh feature which you see I’ve carefully kept out of shot, is a decent third way.

The convincing stonework (to the front only), the great broad flight of steps to the podium and the well executed separation of the sandstone block from the granite podium by a recessed fully glazed ground floor, give it the elusive ‘Civic’ quality, in my opinion.

I was a bit surprised that it didn’t make it into either the AAI or the RIAI awards this time. Quite a lot of people around here, who routinely hate all buildings that haven’t been around for at least fifty years, quite like this one.
Having said that, most of the rest of the development, particularly the ‘pick and mix’ blocks facing north towards the Memorial Gardens, are very dissappointing, to be polite about it.

Are they three question marks, or just three hairs, on that button’s head?

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