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Hi Alonso,

I am certainly not advocating no development in Tallaght village, but the development can be easily made sympathetically to the visual line of the existing cottages and village streetscape in the Main St from St Maelruain to The Priory. I visited here again yesterday morning and will post the images tomorrow – it still retains a country feel despite now having the population of a city. It is posible to apply design which would continue the stone motif and catherderal spire skyline in the village area.. see examples attached to illustrate what I mean.

It is because of the mistakes of the past which I witnessed up close and personally in Tallaght , that I and many other Tallaght residents want to preserve what is good and build to enhance the historical village and keep the urban development to the new urban centre ( beside The Square).

The Tallaght masterplan has imposed a 6 storey height restriction – this is fine for the urban centre beside Ther Square – however this height restriction now also applies to the village which is totally inappropriate Alonso.

I am not anti development or modern urban design – I just believe there is a place for everything.
Indeed I was in the one of the new urban developments last night at a restaurant launch !

Good luck with your project.

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