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And extremely interesting. However please do not say it is also intended to incorporate a ‘rebuilt’ parapet as pictured above? And when was this decision made? Who made it? Has the decision been released?

I always thought this was going to be a case of a toss-up between a conservative-with-a-twist brick scheme and a thoroughly abstract but uber-refined and respectful ‘incident’. As such both the mesh and glow-in-the-dark ones both have immense appeal, but suffice to say the stark and stoical, respectful yet individual, grim and foreboding brick number does it for me, What swings it is that it has a tenement quality reflective of the street’s history and current character, and that if built, will be sustained long after the thoroughfare (if ever) becomes a smug tuckpointed enclave of charcoal and lavender doorcases.

There are reservations however that the focal Kahn elevation is an overdressed elevation for a minor side street, and is being used for the sake of it being an architectural competition and elevating the scheme beyond that of plain reproduction. Still, very beautiful, and the vaguely gothic/gothick character singing the tune of the 1740s.

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