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Devin, I’m not going to go into battle for that scheme, I don’t like ‘blocks’ pure and simple, I think the ‘block’ is the wrong unit to use in the repair of streetscapes, but, as blocks go, I don’t think this one is as bad as has been made out.

I’ve forgotten who the architects were, but you can certainly see a certain amount of architectural intention in it. For a start, they picked up the deBlacam + Meagher brick/pointing detail from the ‘Wooden Building’, which was well worth giving another whirl to, and they resisted the temptation to over-elaborate the corner and that should have earned them some brownie points at least.

There should have been some stepping of the side elevation to reflect the sloping streetscape of Henrietta St. and (as I keep saying) the proportions all worked better before the etched glazing went on, but I think to gratuitously dump on it every time Henrietta Street is mentioned, is a bit unfair.

Personally I can think of a couple of dozen worse spec apartment blocks in the inner city.

Oh Christ! . . . now hutton’s back, are you two hunting in packs

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