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Shareyour views; in all my visits to Dublin, I can never understand why this street is in the condition that it’s in. Since it is in the heart of the legal quarter, the obvious solution is for the houses to be developed as some kind of legal ‘chambers’ (although I’m aware the Irish Bar does not operate that system), especially on the south side of the street (with the vanished no. 16 replaced). The Sisters of Charity have done a grand job with nos. 8-10, so there is no inherent reason apart form inertia and the fact that it’s not south of the river why the rest should not be done. That and the fact that your planning department is terminally useless. But why doesn’t Dublin Civic Trust get a grant and do it themselves and then lease them off? (Sorry, forgot about the inalienable and untouchable rights of private property, no matter how irresponsible.)

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