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@henno wrote:,1611,en.pdf

Have a look at the above document, pay attention paragrpahs 5.8 and 5.9.

The minimum standards you are refering to are generally applicable to apartments and not houses. in apartments there needs to be a certain amount of communal open space as well.

pay attention to this paragraph….

“All houses (terraced, semi-detached, detached) should have an area of private open space
behind the building line. In general the requirement should be 60 – 75m2 minimum for
3/4/5 bedroom houses in order to ensure that most household activities are
accommodated and that it is at the same time adequate to offer visual delight, receive
some sunshine and encourage plant growth. A slightly reduced standard may be
acceptable where 1 and 2 bedroom houses are proposed but in no instance should a
figure of less than 48m2 per dwelling be acceptable”

therefor ethe existing at 41 and proposed at 31 both do not meet recommended MINIMUM standards.

DCC brought out a change to the development plan in December that they now use to deliberate on apartment applications:

Generally a 2 bedroom house would be considered to have 4 bedspaces. In apartments, for example a bedroom of between 7.1 and 11.4 sqm (excluding storage) is a single bed – 1 bedspace, 11.4 – 13 is a double bed – 2 bedspaces. Over that is technically 3 bedspaces if they so choose.

Typically 2bed D12 semis are 3-4 bedspaces. Assuming your new scheme is the same you’d need 6-8 bedspaces. At 12-15sqm each you’d need anything from 72 – 120sqm for the 2 schemes. If the new house has 2 double beds, however, you’d need 84sqm min

I tried to do what you are doing but failed as I couldn’t get a downstairs jacks for Part M. Private open space was no problem as one house got the back garden and the other got the front garden

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