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The local authority have already stated that there unwilling to take any action at this time, and my sources say that this is because the same developer is pumping money into several large scale projects in the area. The LA prob are afraid of alienating the developer into pulling away from these potential developments. As for using councillors, I think this may well be the route to go. Many thanks for the help. 😀 . I hate having to bring it this far, as development is good for a community but if this developer continues in cutting corners, and ignoring whatever conditions he sees fit, then all these developments will end up a shambles with no one to rectify the situation.

Will keep ya posted on how things proceed.

also, do AN Bord Pleanala have aby ability to enforce there conditions. I myself think that these conditions are up to the LA to enforce…. perhaps something that needs to be looked at in the future, especially if the LA ignors these conditions for one person (big developers) while ordinary joe soaps have no choice in following these conditions..

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