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Just to add to the comprehensive reply above. The Enforcement Officer only has a remit with regard to planning issues.

The boundary wall issues are a civil matter – the Local Authority should not make any comment with regard this. The form of construction is a Building Control/Regulation issue – nothing to do with Enforcement – you can use cavity blocks (as with regular cavity wall construction) as long as suitable insulation complying with current Building Regulations is provided internally.

Where you prabably have a ‘clear’ problem with the Enforcement Officer is that you have gone beyond the 12.0 sq.m. limit for the first floor extension. The simple solution to this is either to apply for planning retention or alter your plans/construction to comply with the allowed floor area.

I have had experience previously where, within the same Local Authority, a Planner and Enforcement Officer have differed over the interpretation of the Exempted Development Regulations. Planning and planning exemption can in some cases be very grey and not black and white! I always advise clients now to seek a declaration from the Local Authority prior to carrying out exempted development works so at least they have a piece of paper to wave around to nosy or interferring neighbours!

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