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@massamann wrote:

Have to admit I’m with Darkman on this one. Let’s build it.

There’s a danger with a forum like this that most of the posts about a building (any building) are negative and that a consensus grows that we should do nothing/build nothing until an indisputably, undeniably brilliant design is proposed.

I’ve been on Archiseek for long enough to note that we haven’t once come across a design that we’ve all been in favour of. I don’t think that I’m the only one that has fallen into the trap of saying “if it’s not perfect, then we should hold off. Sooner or later something better will come along”. Maybe it’s that the ‘Build It Coz It’s Genius / Don’t Build It Coz It’s Disastrous’ choice is too black or white. Most proposals that I see on here lie somewhere in between.

The Hadid proposal wouldn’t be the greatest skyscraper ever built, nor would it be the worst. The question I believe we need to answer is whether it would add more to the city than it takes.

I second that, it would be impossible to create a skyscraper everybody would like.

But that seems to be the problem in this country, if one person appeals it it stalls the whole project.

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